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color proof

Proof your design before going to press.

color proof

Accurate printed proofs give you the best representation of what your design will really look like on press. The most common elements that appear different between what's on screen and what's on paper are:

  • Gradients
  • Transparency Effects
  • Line Weight
  • Textures and Patterns
  • Color Accuracy
  • Font Legibility


We proof all kinds of print projects.

home proof

Proofing is the best way to make sure you or your customer knows what to expect. The most common print jobs we proof are:

  • Publication & Catalog Design
  • Photographic Retouching
  • Advertising & Collateral Design
  • New Branding Concepts
  • Poster Design
  • Color Selection Tests

Find out what your color really looks like.

color proof

We all know color can vary greatly from device to device. Even if you’ve taken the time to calibrate and profile every device, a verified proof is always the surest way to preview color before your job is actually printed. Have confidence in your color before going to press.


Having color choices is essential.

color choices

Not all proofs are the same. And not all clients have the same needs. That's where we can help. At ExpressProof we offer several different proofing options and color specifications for your printing needs. Whether you need a SWOP proof for a magazine or a SNAP proof for newspaper, we've got you covered.

Control your color with contract proofs.

contract proofs

No one likes to guess on color. Sending an ExpressProof verified proof as a contract proof to your printer helps everyone know what to expect. It gives your printer a realistic expectation and a target to run to. Our proofs are accepted as contract proofs at most print facilities across the U.S., so go ahead — print with confidence!

Proof spot colors.

spot color proof

Would you like a better idea of what your spot colors will look like before going to press? 93% of the Pantone® library gamma is covered with our GMG ColorProof Certified SWOP proofing system. Just about every color except for metallics and neons. So feel free to show your clients what brilliant color choice is all about.


Want more options? We have them.

proof options

Sure, we’re ridiculously awesome at color proofing. But we can be spectacular at the little stuff, too. Check out some of our added benefits:

  • Include CD or DVD
  • Proof Verification
  • Rush Delivery
  • Save Multiple Addresses