About Us

We don’t like color surprises, especially not on press. It’s a quality we inherited from DMG, our parent company, and a quality most of our customers have in common. So who is DMG and ExpressProof?

For decades, Atlanta-based DMG has been helping publishers take the guess work out of color with prepress, premedia and press side services. Publishers frequently request SWOP proofs not just for their printers, but also for their advertisers as a final quality check. In 2007, DMG launched ExpressProof as a quick, simple, affordable way for you to receive the same SWOP proofs used by dozens of publishers and printing facilities across the U.S.

Who uses your system?

We produce thousands of SWOP proofs each year for publishers, creative agencies, photographers and printers across the country. Best part is, with so many proofs coming through our shop, we get to see LOTS of great creative minds in action!

What else do you do?

Keeping proofing devices calibrated and ensuring proofs are accurate is a full-time gig at ExpressProof. But our parent company DMG, does a whole lot more. They’re a full-service premedia company that has been servicing publishers for more than a decade. You can learn more about them at www.dmgatlanta.com.

What’s your favorite color?

New ones! Although we haven’t seen any new colors since … um … well, we’ve never seen a new color? But if we did, it would certainly be our favorite.